Thursday, January 18, 2018

Valentine Kitten Critter Cups

Hello Ai fans!

I am so excited to bring you this new stamp set and dies, Critter Cups.  You have everything you need to stamp and cut countless animals.  This set is designed to cut out a bunny, kitten, raccoon and a fox.  As I was looking at the faces I saw many other animals.  I'm excited to see what all of you can come up with. Here are the main four images you can do finished.  Because Valentines day is coming up, I'm going to walk you through the a Valentine Kitten Critter Cup.

Stamp out your main images.  I stamped out one body with a black alcohol marker safe ink onto the center of a piece of 6" x 1 1/2" piece of Spectrum Noir Ultra Smooth Premium White Paper.

 Stamp the face onto a piece of paper that is at least 3' x 3".  There are four faces to choose from.  I used the kitten face and a tail from a white piece of paper.  Then I cut them out.

Then do all of the die cutting. I'd rather get it out of the way just in case I make any mistakes with the coloring.  I line up the dies for the left and right foot and cut them out. I also line up the middle front paw die cut an tape it down.

Now you just need to cut out the right side front paw die cut on the body. Also cut out two ears from white paper along with a tail.  Cut the bow tie from a scrap of the Echo Park I'd Rather Be Crafting 6"x 6" paper pad. 

 Now for the fun part! You get to start coloring. I colored  the perimeter of the Valentine label and the inner parts of the ear and the pads on the paws with a RV10 Copic.  I colored the tummy and the front paws with a RV30 Copic.

I used a very simple technique to color the calico spots onto my kitten.  No blending was needed!  First, I used The Cool Grey Copic's. I just squiggled on the C7 at the center. I went around it with the C3 and C1.  Sometimes they overlapped, sometimes they didn't.  I just keep them irregular. Next, I added the Brown's  the same way.  For those I used E30, E35 and E37. The cheeks and pads of the paws were added with the RV10 Copic.  

The head was attached to the body with Tim Holtz Collage Medium.

Now you want to very gently curl the body around a roll of Washi tape that is around the size of the finished treat bag.  Tip: Be very careful around the feet. The first few times you bend it are important because you want to be sure they curve and don't crack.  I attached the tail with the collage medium at this point.  I added red line sticky tape to the inside to close up the back..  It is very sticky and you don't have to wait for it to dry.

I added extra detail to the eyes and nose. I first used a black Sakura Glaze pen.  It's different than a gel pen because it looks like it was embossed because it is raised.  I set it aside to dry. Once it was dry, I added a dot of the white Sakura Gel pen. This brings life back to the  image.   I added the bow tie and then add an enamel dot to the middle.

The last thing to do is add the treat bag and close up the back of the body.  Now it's finished!

Thanks for stopping by and Have a Great Day!

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