Thursday, February 9, 2017

Hummingbird Card using Peerless Watercolors

I think we can all agree that I love watercolors.  I just love the way they flow and move in an unexpected way.  I've been using some of my different types of watercolors & I used my Peerless watercolors for this video.  These are some of the most unusual because they are in a paper form. They special leaflets are a concentrated transparent watercolors and I just cut them to the size I need & add them to my hand made book.  My book is just some sheets of heavy watercolor paper with sheets of transparency in between the pages. 

This is a view of the book open.

I have the name in sharpie below each color as well as a sample of the color from dark to light.  To use each color, I just use the tip of my brush along the corner to pick up a little color.  There is no need to pick up color from the center, it just dilutes the color on the leaflet.  If you're careful with them, they last a really long time.

I embossed my images onto Canson XL embossing powder.  It makes it really easy to have specific areas to work inside of with the watercolor.  I work both wet on dry & wet on wet with my paints.  Both techniques work great here.  I'm just careful not to uses too much water with this paper.  These paints are very translucent & layer beautifully!
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I filmed the entire process.  Here's the video.


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