Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tim Holtz Creative Chemistry 101 Class

Can you tell I don't love blogging?  Well, I'm trying.  We'll see how it goes.  I am taking Tim's class & having a blast.  I wasn't sure how much I was going to learn because I have followed Tim from his start.  I have his book & video's, I've been to Ranger U twice, so I decided to take it for the fun of it.  Well,  I am still learning a bunch of things.  I've gotten out a bunch of my Ranger products.  So today was day two, but really the first day of techniques.  We did three tags.  I also managed to re-label my distress inks & the inker tools.  Tomorrow I plan to work on my Archival inks.  Then I will start on my Adirondact ink pads.  I have them all, so they may take a few days.  So, here are my three tags from today & my ink pads.  Just so you know, you can start the class whenever you want and do it at your own pace. I do plan to show some things on my youtube channel, username stampyra.  Thanks for checking out my post.  JIL


Sharon said...

Blogging takes quite a bit of time. I wish people really knew how much time it actually takes to put things together. I thought of taking his online class, in fact i new about it before it was even put out to the public because I actually won another online class through Tim's blog a few months back, so they contacted me before releasing it. Love the online card classes by Jenn Mcguire, and Kristina. Them adding a Tim class, just got them to a whole new level for sure. Glad you are having fun with it. Good luck with blogging too. It can be challenging, but if you stick with it, it can get fun :)

stampyra said...

Blogging really does take time. I'm trying to be good & keep up with things. We'll see-lol! I really did enjoy Tim's class. I'm thinking about the die cutting class they're offering. JIL