Monday, April 2, 2012

Day 7

Hi Guys!
  I'm running a bit behind with the class tags, but still haing a great time.  I plan to get caught up this week.  Class ended today & I am rather sad.  I'll be buying Tim's second book & doing the techinques in there to keep my tag book going.  I was really impresssed with this class & would really recomend it to anyone. Remember, you can take it any time you want & hae unlimited class access.
  I have been busy with wedding projects.  I am showing them on my You tube channel as I finish them.  I also hae shown seeral other projects lately.  Please check me ou.  My user name is stampyra. 
  I hope you're haiving a great monday.  JIL


danolando said...

im now following your blog danolando

Sharon said...

I just bought his new book this morning and can't wait to get it! Glad you had fun in his class. He's just awesome.