Thursday, March 29, 2012

Day 6

Hi Guys,
  I am running behind with my class projects.  I finished two tags from Day 6 & won't be able to do the last one right now.  Day 6 is techniques with the new Distress markers and the Specialty Paper.  I haven't aquired them yet.  So, I used my Tombo markers on the first two tags.  I'll add it in the future.  Here are the tags that I did.  JIL


Sharon said...

I wondered wether the distress markers would work and be the same as Tombo.... I have all the Tombo,and would love the distress markers, but haven taken the plunge.

stampyra said...

I don't think they'll work the same. The distress markers seem to repell the distress pads on the specialty paper. Plus, my Tombo's annoy me when I try to use them oer water. They won't color over wet surfaces. I watched a few you tube ids that showed them coloring oer water. I'm about to take the plunge, let me know if you want to join me. JIL