Monday, March 15, 2010

Father Knows Best

I'm sure if you read my blog, you've noticed that I keep it pretty muchstamping related.  I'll share a few things about myself and my family, but this blog was made to share my love of stamping with others.  Char told me I have to post this on my blog because it is somewhat stamping related.  Because of it, my husband refuses to bring me to Michaels again.  I really don't blame him!  You won't either. 
Yesterday (Sunday) was a day for us to relax. I was putting together my first paper bag mini book & Joey (my hubby) was playing X-Box.   After I made the cover for my book, I realized that my book would fit the cover better if it had another set of pages.  I broke it to Joey that we need to get more mini bags at Michaels.  After we woke up my son, we all headed out.  The first Michaels we went to had the bags, but no chipboard books that I wanted.  The one's they did have were marked down to 50 cents and I really wanted at least one.  So, I convinced them that we needed to drive to another Michaels.  When we got there, they had one of the books I wanted and I happily headed to the car.  When we went to get into the car, my husband ripped his earing right out of his ear!  Now, I say ripped, because I realize some of you may be thinking that his earing pulled out of his ear, but it actually pulled right down through his ear lobe.  It started gushing blood.  He still says he didn't even feel the earing come out, he just felt something on his neck.  The girl that checked us out at Michaels was soooo helpful.  She got him antiseptic wipes and bandaids.  I will always appreciate her concern.  We ended up taking him to the ER to have his earlope sewn back together.  He felt that part!
After our ER visit, we went over to my parents house.  I have to tell you all that I grew up in a wonderful suburban household.  My parents have very traditional values.  You know, no tattoos, no piercings, no long hair on men.  My father feels that tattoos lead to infections and earings are an accident waiting to happen.  They've been telling me this forever.  My parents lost it when they realized my tounge was pierced.  I wasn't a teenager, I was 32.  LOL!  My husband has all three of the no no's on my dad's list.  As I told my father what had happened a smile came over his face and he looked at my husband and said, " I told you so.  I told you so.  I told you so!"  So see, father really does know best.  My husband has removed all of the earings from his ears and swears they aren't ever going back in,  Of course this was all my fault because I made him get off his X-Box and leave the house to go to Michaels. 

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JeanneLee said...

Oh my goodness! What a story you shared!

Hmmmm, funny thing, my dear dad had tattoos and I don't care for them and the only piercings I have had are the one in each ear! LOL!

Hope your hubbies, ear heals without any complications.