Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tim Holtz Style Rose Tutioral

Happy Saint Patrick's day!  It's been a while since I did step by step directions for a project, so I thought I'd do one today.  My project is not green, but I hope everyone likes it.  Please share a comment with me if you like this project.  You can see Tim's tutioral for this project at in the sidebar to the right that is labeled 12 days of Christmas 2009. 
My flower is much smaller.  I used the Stampin' Up! 5 petal flower punch and then trimmed off the points of each petal. You can really make it work with a huge variety of flower shapes. 
This is a variety of flowers I made using this technique.  I used the Sizzix flower layers #6 for the larger two flowers.  I used the Stampin Up! scalleped circle punch for the green flower & the Stampin' Up! five petal flower punch for all of the other roses.  The small blue flower was done with a cut down SU! punched flower. I want to make more & more.  They are really easy to make & use very little supplies.
I made this tag for Char and added a rose made with the SU! five petal punch.

Here are the supplies you will need to make the flower I am making.  You really just need paper and scissors.  I have been making the flower from paper templates I hve made to resemble the punches & die cuts listed.  I used patterned scrapbook paper scraps, Glimmer Mist, Crystal Lacquer, Vintage Photo Distress Inkpad with a blending tool (mine is an old rubber stamp with velcro), Small point scissors and a paintbrush (anything round will work.)

I cut out four flowers.  I used the SU! five petal punch shape & cut the petals down and then made it into a template.  I drew the template onto the back of my scrap of scrapnook paper.  I sprayed the paper with Glimmer Mist & heat set it.  I then cut out all four flowers.  I edged them with the Vintage Photo Distress ink & Blending tool.  I cut a slit in two of the flowers, cut out one petal in one flower & two petals in the other flower.  Discard the single petal.  In this picture, it's the petal that isn't distressed.

Attach one petal on each flower over top of the petal next to it.  Your two flowers ith the slit will become four petal flowers, the next three & the next two.  I attached them with Crystal Lacquer.

Use your paintbrush to shape your petals.  Shape each petal aroud the barrel of the paintbrush or any small round object you have.  Smush the two four petal flowers into the table & cut the tips off of the bottom of each of the other three. 

Put a dab of Crystal intot he center of one of the four petal pieces ad nest he other four petal flower into it.  Nest the three petal piece into tat and then the two petal piece on top of it.  Apply a dab of Crystal Lacquer before you add each petal.  Roll the smallest peice around itself to form the flower center & put it in the middle of the flower.  My hands are covered with distress ink and glimmer mist-lol!

Here it is finished.  Isn't it awesome?  Especially when you consider that it cost me next to nothing to make it.  I did all of my work on top of my Ranger non-stick craft sheet.  Love it!  Let me know if you have any questions on this technique.  Be sure to do a search for it on You Tube if you want to see this rose made live.
Enjoy!  JIL

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Great photos, Jil, thanks for sharing this tut!