Thursday, March 25, 2010

My New Slice Machine!

I've been wanting a die cut machine for years, but I haven't broken down and bought on- until now.  I did a lot of research and decided that the Slice would be the right machine for me.  It's small & will cut out anywhere on my paper.  I just make a template for the shape I want to use and place it where I want it on my paper & then line it back up on the glass matt that came with the Slice.  I made some flowers today.  I had made some like this with my Prima paper flowers, but I was inspired by a You Tube video from Laura.  Here is the link to her video.  Be sure to check out her videos.  They're great.  She inspired me to get back into making mini books.  I made a mini paper bag book & love how it came out.  I put up some pics soon.  Here is my flower that I made with my Slice machine.
So, like I said, I cut my flowers from the Slice.  I made two flowers at 11/2" and one at 1".  I used the Seasons cartridge that came with the Slice.  I also used some patterned papers.  This is a great way to use up those paper scraps.  I heated up my Melting Pot with clear UTEE & added my flower.  I used the purple tweezers that I got with the UTEE tools to take the flower out of the pot.  It doesn't melt even though it's plastic.  I set it one my non stick craft mat from Ranger.  I did this with all three flowers.  I had kinds shaped the petals of the flowers first. 
As you can see, they aren't perfect when they come out of the melting pot.  I use some scissors to cut of anything I don't want.  You can really see the extra piece on the red flower.  Then I heat up the flowers with my heat tool to smooth out any weird spots.  I then used my heat tool to make the center of the first flower sticky and added the second flower to it.  Then I do the same with the smallest flower.  Then I heated the center of the smallest flower to add a hinestone that I colored with a Copic marker.
Here's the finished flower.  I really love how they end up!
This is a view of the template I use to line up my Slice.  I use a piece of white paper to cut out the shapes I want to use.  This piece shows the 1", 11/2" & 2" flowers.  I use the template with the piece of paper I want to cut from.  One I decide where I want to cut, I lay it down on the glass mat lining up the white template to where it was when I first cut out the shape.  Then I remove the template leaving the paper exactaly where I want it.  I just love my new llittle tool!  JIL

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JeanneLee said...

Jil!! I love this and need to get my Melting Pot out! LOVE this look...tfs!