Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Day 5

Hi Guys! 
I have been getting caught up with class.  I have finished day 5.  I'm almost finished with day 6, which was yesterday's class.  I have been busy around the house.  I finished labeling the sides of all of my Ranger ink pads.  Other than Brilliance & Colorbox Chalk inks, the bulk of my ink pads are from Ranger.  I just love the quality.  So, my entire collections of Distress, Archival & Adirondack dye & pigment ink pads are labeled by color!  Yippie!  I also did all three of my Jenni Bowlin inks.  lol! I've also been working on getting my stored items ready to go into the attic.  I have to sort through & purge 22 Rubbermaid tubs.  That is a job I plan to work on by doing two boxes a day.  Some will go faster than others, but I figure it's a great system to get them finished without driving myself crazy.  Once I finish that, we will be recovered from the move.  I'll know where everything is because it'll all be organized.  BTW- how did I end up with so many extra cords that seem to go to nothing?   See you tomorrow.  JIL


Sharon said...

Haha, I can relate to the cord situation...I always end up putting it in a bag, figuring, one day I'll find out what they are used for LOL

stampyra said...

I have sooo many cords but not the one for my tablet. Grrrr. I thought of you when I made the orange tag. JIL